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Multifunction Meters

  • Voltage and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)% of all phases
  • Line frequency
  • Current, current demand and THD% of all phases
  • Power, maximum power demand and power factor
  • Active energy imported and exported
  • Reactive energy imported and exported
  • RS485 MODBUS

The unit has passcode protected setup screens for:

  • Changing passcode
  • Supply system selection 1P2, 3P3, 3P4
  • Demand interval time
  • Reset for demand measurements
  • Pulse output duration: Two pulse outputs indicate real-time energy measurement.
  • An RS485 output allows remote monitoring from another display or a computer.
  • DIN rail dimensions 76x 94.5 mm (WxH) per DIN 43880
  • Mounting DIN rail (DIN 43880)
  • Sealing IP51 (indoor)
  • Material Self-extinguishing Ul94 V-0
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