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Downer-Sustainable Road resource center

“Downer’s Sustainable Road Resource Centre, which will form part of the new industrial estate, is a world first in co-locating asphalt and bitumen product production with resource recovery operations that produce asphalt raw material inputs from road waste (reclaimed asphalt pavement and road sweepings/ non-destructive diggings). 

the former Shell refinery site as a modern industrial estate that is aligned with Parramatta City Council’s potential future-plans for the Rosehill/ Camellia industrial area. 

Products supplied:  

  1. 2x IP66 Weatherproof MSB’s (EVA design). This is the first order of our IP66 EVA range.  

  2. 2500Amps MSB made using Modular platform. 

  3. MSB’s housing power factor correction capacitor units. 

  4. Distribution Boards 


Other Projects


Home Portfolios Apex-LOGOS The site is at 246 Miller Road, Villawood, with five freeway entry points within 10 kilometres and existing access

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Australia Towers Homebush Apartments

Australia Towers Homebush Apartments

Australia Towers Homebush Apartments is one of our residential projects to which we successfully supplied Combined Meter Panels, the MPFCLB range for the construction of over 600 units. The MPFCLB boards consisted of a Meter panel integrated with a rising main tee-off busbar system each.

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Victoria Park Camperdown

A commercial project based in Camperdown Victoria Park where Bovara delivered a set of custom distribution board and control panels to suit the client’s unique project requirements, enabling the community.

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Lindfield Village

Lindfield Village is a set of apartments situated across the train station in Lindfield. For this residential project we successfully designed and delivered a set of custom switchboards, CT chambers and meter panel surrounds, powering the residential ecosystem.

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